Termas de Puritama

Thermal Baths of Puritama

Situated inside a rocky ravine, surrounded by high pampas grass, you will find another of the wonders that the dramatic Atacama landscape offers, 8 natural thermal pools of clear hot mountain water.

This thermal river is called Puritama and is located on the same road that leads to the geysers of Tatio. The Puritama natural river and pools is an oasis in a deep rocky canyon surrounded by vegetation, and the pools provide very pleasant temperatures of about 33ºC. Here you enjoy a relaxing bath while the tranquility, the sun and surroundings will provide a pleasing nature experience.

Here we will enjoy an appetizer.

For a visit to the Puritama Thermal Baths you should bring swimsuit, comfortable shoes, sunscreen and a windbreaker.

We will bring towels.

Please note: We offer this half day tour in the morning and in the afternoon.

  • Duration: 4 1/2 hours
  • Altitude: 3500 msnm.
  • Difficulty: Low (altitude)
  • Age: 3+
The two options have different prices since the entrance to the Puritama Thermal Baths is cheaper in the afternoon. To book the tour in the afternoon please contact us at info@promissaterratravel.cl.
Travelling through the harsh Atacama Desert you really encounter with the powerful climate and fast temperature changes that is a everyday fact in this land.

The dryness, the solar radiation, the strong winds, the abrupt changes of temperature between day and night, are some of the fundamental characteristics that your Atacama adventure will show you. Around San Pedro the altitude measures between 2,000 – 3,500 m.a.s.l, and the climate is characterized by having an average annual temperature between 12 and 13 ° C.

As the temperature swings it can reach up to 35 ° C in summer (December to March) and the minimum degrees below zero in winter (June to September).

What to bring?
  • Swimsuit, comfortable shoes, sunscreen and a windbreaker
  • Warm clothing for the coolest hour around sunrise, especially in winter (May to August)
  • Sunblock, hat, sunglasses, lip balm
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Semi-private service:
High quality standard services with a maximum of 10 passengers per group, most of them from hotels that work with us. Our bilingual guides (spanish – english) assure a personalized service.

The days and hours of the excursions may vary depending on the season, climatic conditions and the groups that we form. The final itinerary will be confirmed upon arrival in San Pedro, but even during your stay it can vary depending on the mentioned conditions, we will be informing immediately about any change.
  • Entry tickets
  • Water
  • Towels
  • Appetizer
  • Pick-up from your hotel
  • Bilingual Guide
  • DEPARTURE TIME: 09:00 hrs.
  • RETURN TIME: 13:30 hrs.
Departure and return time depend of the time of the year and will be confirmed in the moment of the reservation.
  • $59.000, 2 persons minimum. AM.
  • $50.000, 2 persons minimum. PM.