Flavours and Aromas of Maipo

From the top of the mountains; the rains, snows and glaciers puts their contents through ravines that destroy and scratch the core of the Andes. The rests are scattered by the Maipo river throughout the valley, helping to fill and cover the roots of the mountains, forming what we now know as the Maipo valley.

This valley has been generous with the human species, because its fertile and productive soils have fed it and have allowed it through complex historical moments to build this enormous colossus called Santiago. The human occupation of this territory has left a mark, an evidence in the culture whose greatest exponent is the gastronomy impregnated with flavors and aromas of this land molded by the Maipo. Without this river and its tributaries, human life would have been impossible in this place.

For this reason, we will visit some places to know how this generous land molded by the Maipo has provided the necessary ingredients for a wine and a gastronomy that is demanded by different visitors from all of the world.
  • 08:30 horas: Salida desde Santiago del punto acordado.
  • Llegada a Buin donde de se disfrutara de un desayuno campestre
  • Llegada al vivero
  • Llegada a Melipilla para disfrutar de un almuerzo típico familiar
  • Inicio de visita a viña boutique donde habrá degustación.
  • Llegada a Quesería para conocer oferta de productos lácteos típicos de la zona
  • 17:30 horas: Regreso a Santiago
  • 19:00 horas: Llegada a punto acordado. Hora aproximada.
  • Instalacion y reparación de aire acondicionado vehicular.
  • $ 58.000 (min 30 pax)
  • $ 60.000 (min 25 a 29 pax)
  • $ 70.000 (min 16 a 24 pax)
  • $ 72.000 (min 6 a 15 pax)
  • $ 58.000 (hasta 5 pax)
  • Traslado
  • Guía especializado
  • Almuerzo
  • Entrada y tur en viña
  • Visitas a quesería y vivero